Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. At what pressure will the flow regulators work?
Flow regulators are designed to operate between 1 and 10 bar, however the regulators do begin to function at around 0.5 bar.

Q. Will flow regulators affect the pressure?
The regulator is designed to reduce the flow rate and not the water pressure. A minimal pressure drop can sometimes be experienced, however this would not be noticeable in plumbing applications.

Q. At what temperature will flow regulators work?
Flow regulators will work on cold water and temperatures up to 50 degrees centigrade.  Regulators can cope with higher temperatures however a reduction in the stated flow rate may be experienced.

Q. Are the flow regulators affected by limescale?
No.  The control O’ring in the regulator continually moves as it compensates for changes in pressure.  This flexing prevents limescale build up.

Q. Are regulators maintenance free?
Yes, under normal plumbing conditions the flow regulators are maintenance free.   Regulators fitted in combi/condensing boilers are not even included in the servicing programme.

Q. What is the life of a regulator?
When regulators are fitted into boilers and showers they last for the life of the product. Regulators have been installed for many years with very few reported problems or failures.

Q. What cost savings are achieved?
This will vary from one installation to another but on hotel retro-fit projects where water related costs* have been recorded, savings have always exceeded 25%.
* (metered water, sewage charge and hot water heating costs).