Why Use Flow Regulators?

Flow regulators have been used for many years in the UK and worldwide for the purposes of water saving and water sharing.

Aquaflow RegulatorsIncreasingly new build projects have to meet strict environmental targets for energy saving.  By specifying the use of flow regulators dramatic savings can be made, not only on the water usage and water wastage costs, but also on capital costs if designed into the system at the design stage.

Flow regulators have been successfully used by many of the major hotel groups to not only reduce the water usage and water related costs, but also to even out the distribution of Aquaflow Regulatorsflow around the hotel, thus ensuring that even in peak periods the supply can meet the demand.  

Savings have always exceeded 25% where detailed records have been kept.

Flow regulators are available in a variety of sizes and flow rates to suit domestic and commercial plumbing applications.